Automate Travel and Expense Approvals

Simplify approval workflows. Drive policy compliance. And control operational budget. All at one go. Use TrackEx to make approval process a delight.

Streamline approval flows for all your expenses

Traditional expense management software came with complex designs and took hours to complete an approval process. TrackEx’s lightweight approach to approval workflow furnishes a smooth experience to users while ensuring to keep expenses under check within company-defined rules. The tool has been designed keeping all the three hierarchies in mind- finance, admins, and employees.

TrackEx App Is Available for iOS and Android

Better approval experience for better productivity

Create custom approval flows.

Give managers/admins a break from lengthy expense approval processes. TrackEx’s criteria-based custom approval workflows allow managers to easily scrutinize employees’ purchase history, determine whether it’s within company policy before deciding to approve.

Recognize out-of-policy expenses

It is very important to verify whether an expense sent for approval is within the defined company prerequisites. When a non-compliant claim is submitted for approval TrackEx triggers a notification to inform the respective employee of the violation. This helps to keep employees informed and their spending under check. Moreover, admins can easily define rejection reasons for a quick understanding of the defaulter or prompt them to leave a reason if done intentionally.

Reduce approval delays

With an easy to use approval solution, managers/admins get the flexibility to make decision on-the-go and approve from anywhere using their mobile. Employees can expect prompt action on their bookings and spend submissions. Unlike outdated systems, where flight/hotel booking requests took hours to get approved, with prices changing rapidly with the delay, TrackEx minimizes approval time 2X times and enables employees to complete reservation on time.

Save processing time

Automated approval workflow means reduced operational hassles, and lots of time saved. Managers/admins, now no need scrolling through mail inbox to find emails that need to be approved. Access all spend requests in one section, and single-click to approve it. In case of absence, delegate approval access to peers/admins to avoid being a process bottleneck. The time saved using TrackEx can always be channelized into other transactional work to improve the process.

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